Everything about Electric Dog Fences

Keeping your pet on your possessions where it should be usually means constructing a fence. This is a very expensive investment in your pet as well as in your property. When you live an urban or uptown settings most probable you will need to get for costly building permits. But if you care for your pet, have spend cash and resources in working out it might be good investment. Allowing your pet out in the backyard and knowing that you’re pets in a right shelter provides you peace of mind and comfort. As an option, you can set up a dog electric fence which is designed to stay your loveable pet at home without the cost of a physical fence.

Types of Electric Dog Fences

Most electric dog fences utilize a buried which is situated along the exterior of the place that you like to lock up your pet. The buried wire serves as an antenna which is close to the dog fences transmitter or base unit. The transmitter creates radio frequency which are picked up by the recipient in the collar of your dogs. There are two diverse electric dog fence styles. Electric dog fences which use electric stimulation function by means of providing your pet a signal tone as it move toward the place of buried wire. Once the dog goes on to come nearer the wire it will delivery of an electronic correction. Another type of electric dog fences also utilizes a signal tone as your pet approaches to the buried wire then utilizes a spray of citronella in order to correct your dog. In either situation your pet will need to be trained to interact properly with the dog electric fence.

Your pet will want to be trained and conditioned prior dog electric fences turn out to become effective at maintaining the safety of your beloved pet. Usually this training takes for about 30 days to complete once you teach your pet for approximately 45 minutes every day. Be contingent on the dog personality it might even take a week, month or longer to accomplish this important work out. On the other hand, dog electric fences do not work always with each dog. It must be distinguished that the dog fence methods that utilize the citronella spray in fact have a higher failure rate against to those fences that utilizes electronic correction. Moreover a dog can condition themselves according to the correction of the same method by running quickly through the rectification zone of the dog fence. It is serious that the first training be accomplished thoroughly or your venture into the dog electric fence will be wasted.


There are a lot of benefits of using this kind of dog fences. A dog which is left under control will frequently wander into your neighbor’s backyard and might be cause of many kinds of troubles that result to damage the property and additional stress to your part from being frightening to public in your vicinity. Electric dog fences aids their owners stay their dogs inside their possession. Dog electric fences have turn out to be a very popular answer in dog containment. These fences have proven to be so reliable and effective after proper workout has been done with your pet.


Cost is considered one of the major benefits provided by electric dog fence compared to a standard fence. These dog fences can charge you upwards of more or less $10 a foot depends on the materials used for the fence. Depending on the quality and manufacturer as well, the cost of a dog electronic fence may range from $100 up to $250.


Most cities have places where zoning regulations prohibited from building a traditional fence around your backyard. Even if the laws set by the city are not big factors most neighborhood organizations forbid fencing themselves. When you are incapable to make a traditional fence, then dog electronic fences might be the perfect choice for you. All you need to do is to burying an underground cable around your backyard and then attach a lapel on your pet. This guides you to the next benefit of using this dog fence. Some brands to consider are invisible fence, petsafe fencedog watch, Innotek and Sportdog.


Even if some homes might look great with a dog fence around the backyard, others don’t appear so well. This is the most convenient method compared to traditional fences. Since your pet will still require working out and playing in your backyard, you could utilize a electronic dog fences instead. As an alternative of using chain links to stay your dog restrained, the buried wire will keep your dog at bay.


Maintenance is one of the major benefits you can get from obtaining an electronic dog fences. It allows you to save time and effort in maintaining the fences compared to wood, vinyl, and chain link fences you are required to spend time replacing or painting rusted parts of the fence. In many cases, the lone maintenance required for these types of dog fences is by replacing the batteries each time needed. The lapels which come with most method are recharged easily.

Electronic dog fences have many advantages compared to traditional ground fence. Normally they cost lower than the traditional fences and easy to maintain as well. Also you do not need to worry regarding ugly fence distracting the appearance of your backyard. City zoning regulations is not an issue either since these dog fences are invisible and hidden under your ground.


The electric dog fences installation is pretty simple. The materials need include pet collar with receiver, insulators, heavy cable, charger and fence wire. The border wire is buried about 1 to 2 inches above the ground. Once the dog comes closer to the buried wire the wires sends warning. The pet lapel attached to the dog produces a sound and your dog obtain a mild electric shock.

Some of the certified dealers online of electric dog fences provide free delivery services to their clients. If selecting a dog fence, it is best to check whether the dealer provide guarantee and warranty as well. This kind of dog fences requires daily maintenance in order to avoid accidents and other circumstances.