Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know, Even In a Fenced Yard

Boy playing soccer with a dog outdoors

Training your dog to follow basic commands is essential to responsible pet ownership. These commands enhance your bond with your furry friend and ensure their safety, especially when they are in a fenced yard. Even if you have an electric invisible dog fence installed, teaching your dog these commands is vital. Here’s a breakdown of the basic commands every dog should know and the importance of each command.


The sit command is one of the fundamental commands for a well-behaved dog. It establishes your authority and control, making other commands easier to teach. It’s also helpful in various situations, like preventing jumping on people or keeping your dog calm during mealtime.


Stay is crucial for your dog’s safety. It prevents them from running into dangerous situations, even if you have a fenced yard. For instance, if the gate is accidentally left open, a dog that knows the stay command is less likely to dart out into traffic.


The come command is a lifesaver in many scenarios. It ensures that your dog will return to you immediately, whether it’s during a play session or if they’ve managed to slip out of the fence. This command is particularly vital when you have an electric invisible dog fence – it helps you call your dog back into the safe area if they approach the boundary.


Down is useful for keeping your dog calm and preventing unwanted behaviours. For example, if your dog tends to jump on visitors, teaching them to lie down instead helps manage their excitement.

Leave It

Dogs often pick up things they shouldn’t, whether it’s on walks or in the yard. The leave it command teaches your dog to drop anything potentially harmful or inappropriate that they’ve picked up. This is especially important in a fenced yard where they might encounter unknown objects.


Teaching your dog to get off is crucial for their safety and your comfort. This command fosters better behavior, whether it’s jumping off furniture or not jumping on people.


The heel command is beneficial during walks, helping your dog learn to walk calmly by your side. This is particularly important if you ever need to walk your dog outside the confines of your fenced yard.

Importance of Basic Commands in a Fenced Yard

Even if you have an electric invisible dog fence installed, your dog’s safety is not guaranteed without proper training. Here’s why teaching basic commands matters, even within the bounds of a fenced yard:

Unforeseen Circumstances

A well-trained dog is more likely to respond to commands, even when they’re excited or curious about something beyond the fence. This is crucial in situations where an unexpected threat, like a wild animal, enters your yard.

Boundary Awareness

While an electric invisible dog fence prevents physical escape, it’s still important for your dog to understand their boundaries. Basic commands like stay and “come” reinforce this understanding, reducing the risk of testing the boundaries.

Emergency Recall

In case of an emergency, such as a storm, fire, or medical situation, your dog needs to respond to commands quickly. A strong come command can make all the difference in ensuring your pet’s safety.

Guest Interactions

Even within a fenced yard, visitors might feel uncomfortable if your dog jumps on them or behaves aggressively. Teaching commands like sit and down helps your dog act appropriately around guests.

Basic commands are the building blocks of a well-behaved and safe dog. These commands are even more important when you have an electric invisible dog fence in place. Proper training enhances your dog’s quality of life and provides peace of mind, knowing that your beloved pet will respond reliably to commands and stay safe in various situations.